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The use of CapRisk + Consultants, an independent safety consulting firm, allows organizations to control the effects of insurable claims and increase productivity, through the application of safety services. At a time when outsourcing of the safety function is increasing, property & casualty insurance companies, industrial & construction corporations and large municipal entities are all representive clients of CapRisk + Consultants. These clients recognize that safety services are a key component of their commercial risk management approach.

Personal Contact.....National Scope

While the majority of services are delivered at client-directed locations, CapRisk + Consultants operates from a single business address in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our location is central to our service territory, bounded by New York City, Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh, PA; readily accessible by automobile and rail service. CapRisk + Consultants, also, services clients beyond the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic corridor with regular access to major airports in Newark, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

Mission Statement

“To bring predictability to the uncertainty of non-financial risk for commercial and public organizations. Elevating both pre-loss and post-loss activities consistent with the organization’s tolerance for commercial risk.”

We will guide and conduct agreed upon risk control services; from risk selection to implementation and monitor results. Each client relies upon CapRisk + Consultants to deliver well-defined safety services, as well as monitor developing accident prevention issues. This will require us to communicate with clients, in person, electronically and through paper correspondence.

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Gary Capri, Principal/Consultant

CapRisk + Consultants, Inc.

3440 Lehigh Street, #299
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