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Insurance Risk Control Services

Property & Casualty Insurance Companies:

The use of CapRisk + Consultants allows property and casualty insurance companies & agencies the flexibility of outsourcing risk control services as a component of their underwriting and claims control practices. Increasingly, property & casualty insurance companies have come to rely on CapRisk + Consultants, Inc., when risk control services are a key component of their commercial risk management approach.

To serve property & casualty insurance companies & agencies, CapRisk + Consultants offers a variety of services, divided into six functional categories:

Risk Assessment/Inspections
Facilitation of Safety Programs
Specialized Training
Research – Standards/Controls/Requirements
Written Safety Programs/Procedures
Consultancy – General

Risk Assessment/Inspections:

On-site evaluations of physical or managerial controls of the inherent operational risks. Report formats fit the customer’s needs, with “template” report forms and custom or semi-custom formats available.

Facilitation of Safety Programs:

Active consultation to assure completion of mutually agreed upon safety activities.

Specialized Training:

Often a byproduct of Risk Assessment and Facilitation, CapRisk + Consultants will conduct training sessions to build skills, address causes of loss or regulatory requirements.

Research – Standards/Controls/Requirements:

Technical interpretation of prevention methods from mandated or consensus standards.

Written Safety Programs/Procedures:

Written programs, policies or specific procedures submitted for client’s evaluation and final acceptance.

Consultancy – General:

Professional safety services, mutually selected by the insurance company, the insured(s) and CapRisk + Consultants.